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Stop cancerIonizing radiation is helping thousands of people in every country to fight deadly disseases. Unfortunately it also happens that some people are over exposed to radiation and are harmed by it. Let's work together to maximize the overwhelmingly positive use of radiation without forgetting to fight the problems it also can cause!

PRECISE Nuclear are active both in medical applications of radiation and nuclear physics as well as in the many aspects that aim at minimizing unnecessary human exposure. We manage everything from distribution of consumables to installation of large instruments and systems. We help companies distribute their products in our territory and we help customers find the best products at the best prices.

Our aim is excellence in applied nuclear physics, and that shows in all projects and in our commitments. Our effort is to be a supplier that helps our customers do a great job. Our customers are typically in extremely important sectors such as healthcare, nuclear energy, and research. We want to be the link that makes our customer's lives easier when they use our products and thereby we achieve a win-win situation in that our suppliers' products are well received in our territory.

With these principles in mind our policy includes:

Take care of the entire delivery chain, including transportation and installation, training, follow-up trainings, configuration, service, support, calibration, and any other steps necessary for making the delivery as simple as possible for the customer.

Work hard to help the customers with special demands and when special situations occur.

Make sure that consumables are delivered on time, and that our customers never have to be without their important tools and components.

We train ourselves to allways be knowledgeable about the customers painpoints and ways of working as well as the technology of our suppliers products.


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